ANCAP Rescue: Save Lives with this Smartphone App

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Jul 01st, 2020

ANCAP Rescue: Save Lives with this Smartphone App

It's not every day that we come across an app that can save lives. ANCAP, or the Australasian New Car Assessment Program, has just launched its latest app called ANCAP Rescue.

The app draws from a database of 500 old and new cars to guide rescuers on how to cut a vehicle open after a crash. As you can imagine, this is valuable information for rescue workers trying to free car crash victims from their cars. The app itself is free and available to the public and can be used on smartphones and tablets.

How Does ANCAP Rescue Save Lives?

The app saves lives by providing rescue workers with the information they need to free trapped occupants from their cars. The colour-coded information on the app will tell rescue workers how to cut a particular vehicle open safely, which allows them to get occupants out before the situation gets worse.

This is particularly important in the case of electric and hybrid vehicles. With the information from the ANCAP Rescue app, rescue workers can avoid risks such as cutting through electrical hazards that endanger them and the vehicle's occupants. Where some car crashes may require 30 minutes or up to a few hours to get people out, this app makes it easier for rescue workers to get them out quickly and safely.

Additionally, the app also takes advantage of how some recent car models have barcodes in or around the fuel filler door. Rescue workers can scan this barcode to get the information they need instead of keying in details manually.

Users of the app can either pre-download all the cars' information from the database, or they can access it as and when needed. For those responding to emergencies, having the information pre-downloaded is safer as it saves time and leaves out problems like the absence of phone signals at the crash scene.

The ANCAP Rescue app can be downloaded from either the App Store or Google Play. 

What is ANCAP?

ANCAP has been around since 1993 and focuses on crash testing vehicles sold in Australia. The results of those safety tests are then published for the benefit of Australian car buyers. The idea behind ANCAP is to provide buyers with independent and trustworthy information on just how much protection a vehicle offers to its occupants. Vehicles tested by ANCAP are given a safety rating between 1 and 5 stars to show consumers just how safe that vehicle is.

Another App by ANCAP

ANCAP Rescue isn't the only app that this organization has produced. There's also the ANCAP Safety app. Users can take this app with them while car shopping to take notes, save photos, and compare multiple vehicles' safety features and ratings. Best of all, users of this app can receive up-to-date safety ratings and vehicle safety notifications!

On top of that, the app also helps during accidents. Inside, the app has a crash log feature that lets drivers take photos of any damage and log license and registration details of the other driver. Then, the app can forward the information to the driver's insurance company.

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By Ray Hasbollah